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quando Venerdi 10 aprile 2020
orario 15:00 - 01:00
età 18+
dove Schijndel Manege De Molenheide
nazione Olanda
link paaspop.nl
1 sale House/hardhouse, Hiphop.

dj's line-up

Line-up non completo

Band: ABBA Fever
Band: Anno Domini
Band: BraboLoco
Band: Chef Special
Band: Daredevils
Band: Delain
Rap: Gotu Jim
Band: Hanba!
Band: Hatebreed
Rap: Jonna Fraser
Band: Krezip
Rap: Lauwtje
Rap: Mensa
Band: Mike and the Moonpies
Band: Mother Mercury
Band: No Turning back
Band: Our Hollow Our Home
Band: Papaformigas
Band: Parkway Drive
Band: Royal Republic
Band: Spoil Engine
Band: Suzan & Freek
Band: The Clerks
Band: The Dead South
Band: The Slow Readers Club
Band: This Is Lovski
Vocals: Zanger Kafke
Act of Rage
Benny Rodrigues
La Fuente
Michel de Hey
Tom Trago
Zer00 s Heroes
Sax: Tommy Tornado
JP Cooper
Loco Loco Discoshow
MC: Serge V

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